How to be an Effective College Tutor

10 October 2024



Learn how to become a more effective college tutor through an immersive programme that combines lectures, Q&A sessions and interactive case studies.

This event addresses critical themes such as managing long-term sickness absences in trainees, preventing burnout, and supporting undergraduates through key transitions.

You'll gain practical insights into preparing ST5s for SITMs and handling difficult situations, enhancing your capability to manage educational challenges effectively.

The event provides a safe and supportive space to work on practical sessions and enhance competencies with peers and experts alike.

Attendees will increase their knowledge, skills and attitudes to help prepare them for delivering an excellent training experience in this rewarding, varied and challenging role.  

Key reasons to attend

  • Gain up-to-date information to support trainee placement for training
  • Enhance your understanding of educational management and governance roles
  • Participate in discussions on critical topics such as burnout and sickness management
  • Network with peers and experts in the field of medical education

On demand accessible learning

Our state-of-the-art virtual events platform allows you to access all lecture based content on-demand, subject to speaker permissions. The recordings will be available five working days after the event and will remain accessible for six months post-event.

This means you can watch from wherever you are in the world and at a time convenient for you. Your on-demand access means no programme clashes, and saves on travel time and extra arrangements. 

This is an excellent, bite-sized approach to learning which supports flexible and accessible educational content for doctors globally.