#NEXTSTAGE Webinar - Moving to a Consultant or Specialist Role

10 July 2024 | 6.30pm - 8.10pm



This webinar will support doctors moving into consultant or specialist roles*, offering valuable insights into managing the new responsibilities and expectations that come with these senior roles.

Participants will benefit from a mix of facilitated discussions and practical sessions, focusing on real-world challenges faced by established consultants and senior SAS doctors.

Key topics will include handling complaints, understanding job plans and financial management. There will be an interactive panel discussions and opportunities for attendees to engage with colleagues who have successfully navigated this transition.

Attendees will gain practical knowledge and strategies to ease the move from training to senior roles, with a particular focus on leadership and autonomous working. This event is open to doctors at various career stages, including those entering specialist posts and those who have recently been promoted to consultant positions.

*Specialist posts are a new type of senior SAS role, with an expectation of autonomous working and the ability to take up leadership roles in a defined area of the specialty. Those entering these new alternative career destination roles will also benefit from mentoring in their new roles and from the topics presented.

Key reasons to attend

  • Gain insights into the challenges and responsibilities of consultant and specialist roles
  • Learn from experienced professionals through facilitated discussions and panel sessions
  • Access practical advice on handling complaints, job plans and financial matters
  • Network with peers and experts to share experiences and best practices
  • Enhance your leadership skills and understanding of autonomous working in a new role