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Delegate feedback

  • 98% of delegates said the course met their personal development needs
  • 9 out of 10 delegates said their practice would change as a  practice would 
  • 99% of delegates said the content was up to date and the presentations were clear and easy to follow

“Excellent presentations, which I will definitely watch again” – Past delegate

“Really excellent course which covered a huge amount. Highly recommended" – Past delegate

Organising committee 

Mr Myles Taylor FRCOG, Exeter

Mr Nigel Simpson FRCOG, Leeds

Dr Surabhi Nanda MRCOG, London

Dr Janice Gibson FRCOG, Glasgow

Honorary Director of Conferences

Mr Dudley Robinson FRCOG, London

Deputy Honorary Director of Conferences

Mr Ramesh Ganapathy MD FRCOG, Surrey