Learning objectives

Trainees will: 

  • Develop their skills in performing operative vaginal birth, through tuition and hands-on practice
  • Learn the technical and non-technical skills necessary to manage delays in the second stage of labour and perform safe operative deliveries
  • Achieve relevant competencies of the RCOG training matrix 

Trainers will:

  • Learn how to deliver ROBuST training in their hospital or unit
  • Enhance their abilities and learn the necessary techniques to teach the course locally
  • Discover insights about how RCOG franchised courses work
  • Receive information on how to set up the course and the required paperwork 

Who should attend

  • Trainees: ST1-ST3 only
  • Trainers: Consultants or senior midwives whose institutions have applied to run, consider running or run an RCOG Operative Birth Simulation Training Course